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Centurion Group Axle Static Weighbridge

Centurion Group Axle Static Weighbridge

Strong and autonomous, the Centurion Group Axle Weighbridge provides a more affordable and space-efficient alternative

Centurion Steel Weighbridges

How it works

The Centurion CoR Group Axle Weighbridge is designed to record weighing data on group axles in additional to a total gross weight for all types of vehicles, including large multi-axle road trains for Chain of Responsibiltiy (CoR) comformance.

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NOTE: The Centurion Group Axle Weighbridge cannot be used for legal for trade weighing applications as it does not have the ability to weigh a truck or vehicle completely at once. If legal for trade weighing is required, a full length Centurion or Titan weighbridge is recommended.


 Pit mount installation only to achieve an accurate group axle reading.

 Easy to interpret static weighing operation for drivers.

 Straightforward static weigh mode group by group of axles.

✔ Can weigh any type of vehicle including large articulated trucks.

 Affordable solution with less civil works required.

Chain of Responsibility Compliance

The consideration of CoR (Chain of Responsibility) compliance is crucial in your decision making process when it comes to selecting a weighbridge. The Centurion Group Axle Weighbridge has been designed to meet all Chain of Responsibility requirements by ensuring that drivers and operators have clear and accurate weighing data on group axles and gross vehicle weights.

Centurion Group Axle Static Weighbridge

Patented Motor Vehicle Weighing System

The modular steel structure enables easy and efficient transportation, handling and assembling. Its robust design and construction enable low profile installations of only 500mm for the pit-mounted version.

The low profile modular fully welded sections comprise of longitudinal beams running in the direction of the vehicle traffic with the beams positioned to allow the truck wheels to always be supported by a beam. The durbar steel deck plate is 10mm thick and is fully welded to the 20mm end profiles, providing a one-piece robust structure.

The unrivalled strength and resistance to deflection means that the weighbridge longevity is extended in comparison to some weighbridge designs with smaller gauge beams by the virtue that there is less stress and failure due to steel fatigue.

Easy Maintenance

The removable load cell cover plates are located at each end of the weighbridge and are secured by corrosion resistant, stainless steel bolts. This allows the bolts to be easily removed at any time while not becoming seized by adverse environmental conditions. The loadcell cover plates provide easy access for routine maintenance and cleaning underneath the weighbridge.


Read more about the specifications of the Centurion Weighbridge, other types of weighbridges available, and automation options in our resources.


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Centurion Group Axle Static Weighbridge