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Centurion WIM (Weigh In Motion) Axle Weighing System

The Centurion WIM (Weigh In Motion) Axle Weighing System is a versatile, configurable system that allows for the accurate weighing data of individual axles of any sized vehicle statically of dynamically.   

Weigh more vehicles in less time. You can get an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s total weight with the Dynamic In-Motion Weighing technology that records whilst the vehicle drives over. No need to brake. 


✅ Static or dynamic weighing 

✅ Less civil works required for installation

✅ Small footprint which saves site space

✅ Able to weigh every axle on a vehicle and provide individual axle weight as well as gross Weight.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our WIM system provides a highly accurate means of weighing individual and multiple axles (single axle, tandem axle and tri-axle) as well as the vehicle gross weight. The use cases for such a system include but are not limited to:

  • Chain of Responsibility requirements in transportation.
  • Government facilitated requirements.

The System being in-ground leaves no room for adjustment to the centre of gravity of the vehicle driving over it.

Designed to be fully configurable per the individual site requirements, our Centurion WIM System is fully integratable with WinWeigh Software to provide a user-friendly comprehensive data reporting system. 

3D Aspect Drawing

Suitable for High Traffic Sites

High traffic volumes is not an issue with a Single Axle Weighbridge install. Rugged and built to last, the construction of the Single Axle Weighbridge ensures long-life and reliability whilst maintaining high weighing precision.

With a Centurion WIM System, you have the option to make your weighbridge solution fully automated. Traffic signals and boom gates, external weight displays and sensors are all easily configurable into a system that would benefit your operation the most.



Read more about the specifications of the In-Motion Single Axle Weighbridge, other types of weighbridges available, and automation options in our resources.

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