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Introducing FlexPoint Winweigh Software. 

Winweigh from Bilanciai is recognised as the world’s leading weighbridge software. No other solution provides the power and operational flexibility for weighbridge management applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

User-Friendly Windows Based Software

WinWeigh gives unrivalled versatility and flexibility, opening up new dimensions in the management of weighing data.

This software tool turns a standard application into a custom made program extremely quickly. It can be easily integrated with existing business systems, offering data capture and administration functionality, packaged together with system orientated statistics and reports.

Why choose FlexPoint WinWeigh?

✅ Manage multiple weighbridges and sites

✅ Easy collection of data

✅ Centralised data collation and management

✅ Modular design allowing future expansion without changing software

 Configurable, able to fit the business use of the client without compromise.

Controls All Hardware

Not only is WinWeigh capable of managing your weighbridge operation, it can also be used as a data collection and comprehensive vehicle management system. It can reduce on-site bottlenecks and improve site efficiency. WinWeigh can be used to control security cameras and automatic number plate cameras, providing digital records of each and every vehicle entering and leaving site.

In conjunction with this it can control entry/access barriers and run on any Web enabled device such as PDA’s and smartphones. When linked to ANPR/IP/CCTV cameras the picture is stored against the weighing transaction for recollection at anytime for increased site security.


Read more about FlexPoint Winweigh, our weighbridge and our automation options in our resources.


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