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Nitro Sibir Case Study

The Challenge

The customer required a weighing system that would be able to accurately weigh trucks carrying their explosive material goods, before and after loading at the Kalgoorlie Explosive Reserves.

It was also intended to be used to weigh the difference between the fully loaded truck and the “empty” weight of the truck to determine how much residue remained inside.  

The Solution

NWI provided Nitro Sibir our Group Axle Weigher System with a Bilanciai DD2050 Driver Terminal with 2 Norsk Remote Displays – 1 at each end of the weighbridge approximately 30m away. 

The system includes 4x Bilanciai loadcells combined with an advanced touch screen DD2050 driver termina with custom designed software, RFID card reader and printer to provide the operator with a fully automated and efficient weighing experience. 

The Outcome

Nitro Sibir now have their first reliable weighing system onsite that allows them to accurately weigh their vehicles upon entry and exit of their explosive manufacturing facility in Kalgoorlie. 

Drivers can produce weighing receipts and ensure they are not overloaded. Having their own weighing system onsite has helped increase the efficiency of their transportation and satisfy their quality requirements.