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Supporting Australian Industry with Vehicle Weighing Solutions since 2010

NWI Weighbridges are Australia’s most trusted weighbridge supplier.

A family-owned, Australian operated business, NWI have been helping to revolutionise Australian industry with weighbridges since 2010.

From mines, waste transfer stations, farms and more, NWI has manufactured and supply a fully comprehensive, smart weighbridge solution for any industry imaginable.

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NWI Group Weighbridges


Centurion Steel Weighbridges

The Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge is engineered and designed in Australia to withstand the country’s harsh environmental and operational conditions, making it the strongest and most robust steel deck weighbridge available on the market.


This transportable solution is NMI Pattern Approved for trade weighing applications, ensuring reliable and accurate results. Built with more steel than any other standard truck weighbridge, the Centurion offers unparalleled long-term durability, making it the ideal choice for industries requiring precise and dependable weighing.

Titan Concrete Weigbridges

The Titan Concrete Deck Weighbridge features a robust, fully welded universal beam structure with horizontal supports along its length to prevent twisting.

Designed to endure very high concentrated loads and heavy usage, it is ideal for harsh working environments.

Suitable for both Above-Ground and In-Ground Pit installations, the Titan’s steel and high-density concrete infill structure provide exceptional durability. Meeting the latest Australian design, manufacturing standards, and NMI approvals, the Titan ensures reliability and top-notch performance. 


Types of Weighbridges


Inground Weighbridge

In-Ground/Pit Weighbridges

In-ground or pit weighbridges are the perfect solution for sites with limited space. However, the installation of pit and semi-pit weighbridges involves substantial civil work, including excavation, effective drainage systems, and extensive concrete reinforcing to ensure stability and longevity. Despite the intensive installation process, the space efficiency and streamlined design make in-ground weighbridges a valuable choice for many industries.

Above Ground Weighbridges

Above-ground weighbridges, also known as surface-mounted weighbridges, are a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for accurate truck weighing. Requiring less civil work than their pit-requiring counterparts, they are particularly well-suited for sites where the ground foundation may not support pit construction or where space is not a constraint. Thanks to their versatility and practicality, above-ground weighbridges are a popular choice across a wide range of industries, providing reliable and precise weighing for various operational needs.

Multi-Deck Weighbridges

Multi-deck weighbridges are the ideal solution for weighing road trains and truck configurations with multiple axle groups. Designed to capture the weights of all axles simultaneously, these weighbridges are perfect for operations that need to weigh multi-trailer trucks efficiently. By allowing for the quick and accurate weighing of numerous axle groups at once, multi-deck weighbridges help keep traffic slowing smoothly during peak times. Commonly installed at busy sites, they streamline the weighing process and enhance productivity, making them an essential asset for high-traffic weighing operations.

Vehicle Axle Weighing Pads

Vehicle axle weighing pads are portable, flexible weighing solutions designed to measure the weight of individual axles quickly and accurately. These pads are ideal for sites that require a versatile and mobile weighing system, such as temporary job sites, construction zones, or remote locations where installing a permanent weighbridge is impractical. Easy to transport and set up, vehicle axle weighing pads are perfect for operations that need to monitor axle weights to ensure compliance with weight regulations or to optimise load distribution. Their adaptability makes them an excellent choice for dynamic environments where space is limited or where mobility is a key requirement.

Vehicle Axle Weighing Pads

Why choose NWI Group?


When you choose NWI Group for your weighbridge needs, you’re partnering with a family-owned and operated business that brings decades of experience and expertise to every project.

Our extensive experience ensures that we understand the challenges you face, and our innovative, Australian-engineered products are designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. By choosing NWI Group, you’re not just selecting a supplier; you’re gaining a trusted partner who prioritises your success with exceptional service and frontline technology.

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