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Centurion Container Weigher

Centurion Container Weigher

With its heavy-duty galvanized steel frame, the Centurion Container Weigher is an accurate, fast, reliable and trade-approved solution.

Suitable to weigh both 20ft and 40ft containers. 

Why use a container weigher?

A container weigher is an important piece of equipment to ensure your facility is meeting the compliance and SOLAs regulations necessary within Australia. Ensuring compliance is crucial for Chain of Responsibility protection for your business and employees, as well as protecting your container through the logistics chain. 

Container weighers are often chosen over weighbridges by logistics companies for their enhanced accuracy and convenience factors when loading containers and their contents onto a heavy goods vehicle. 

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Easy to install and operate

✅ Get more into your container by accurately filling to maximise shipping loads 

✅ Easy to track status of the load using a digital weight indicator

✅ Software integration available for check weighing and detailed reporting functionality.

Robust Construction and NMI Trade-Approved

The Centurion Container Weigher is constructed from a heavy-duty galvanised steel frame and utilises CPD-M Loadcells to result in this highly accurate weighing solution. To ensure all legislative requirements are met, the Container Weigher is NMI Trade-Approved.



Read more about the specifications of the Centurion Container Weigher, other types of weighbridges and equipment, and automation options in our resources.

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