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Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Centurion is the most durable truck weighbridge available in Australia. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking consistent, precise weighing results.

Engineered with more steel than any other standard truck weighbridge on the market, the Centurion offers unmatched long-term durability. Enhanced with Bilanciai CPD Digital Technology, it delivers superior performance and reliability, making it a standout option for demanding environments.

Products in the Centurion Range


Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridges

The Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge

Designed and engineered in Australia to suit our harsh environmental and operational conditions. Transportable solution. NMI Pattern Approved for trade weighing applications. 

The Centurion Weigh in Motion Single Axle Weighbridge

Static or dynamic weighing. Able to weigh every axle on a vehicle and provide individual axle weight as well as gross Weight. Small footprint which saves site space.

Centurion CoR Group Axle Weighbridge
Centurion Single Axle Weighbridge

The Centurion CoR Group Axle Weighbridge

Pit mount installation only to achieve an accurate group axle reading.Easy to interpret static weighing operation for drivers. Straightforward static weigh mode group by group of axles.

When should you choose a Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge?

When choosing a weighbridge, a Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge is ideal for scenarios demanding exceptional durability and high load capacity.

It is particularly suited for industries like logistics, construction, and agriculture, where heavy-duty vehicles are frequently weighed. Opt for a Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge when you need a versatile, low-maintenance solution capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Its quick installation and relocation capabilities are perfect for dynamic operations that require flexible, temporary, or permanent weighing stations. 

Weighbridge Automation

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