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The Titan Concrete Deck Weighbridge

The Titan Concrete Deck Weighbridge is designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and high volume use, making it ideal for harsh working environments.

Designed and engineered in Australia to suit our harsh environmental and operational conditions. Transportable solution. NMI Pattern Approved for trade weighing applications. 

Available as both Above-Ground and In-Ground Pit installations, the robust Titan Weighbridge has a fully welded universal beam structure with horizontal supports along the length of the weighbridge deck to avoid twisting.

NWI’s Weighbridges utilise only the best, toughest materials and workmanship for our weighbridge designs.

Combined with the most advanced digital technology on the market.

NWI provide fully modular lifelong weighbridges for many industrial weighing purposes. We are well known for delivering tailored, complete solutions that strengthen and add value to your business. The key benefit of our service being accurate and reliable vehicle weighing.

Available Configurations

In-Ground/Pit Titan Concrete Weighbridge

Best for sites where space is a premium, a in-ground/pit weighbridge does not require the minimum 1 metre clearance required for above ground weighbridges. Civil work is a big factor when considering a pit weighbridge, as there is extensive excavation work required for installation. 

Above-Ground Titan Concrete Weighbridge

Suitable for sites which do not have the capacity for excavation work or in-ground structure. An above-ground weighbridge is considered to be easier to install than a pit weighbridge, which in turn makes it more cost-effective. However, an above ground weighbridge does require more site space than an in-ground configuration.

Titan Concrete Weighbridge

Advantages of Concrete Deck Weighbridges

Concrete is highly resistant to weather conditions, corrosion, and heavy usage, ensuring a long service life with minimal wear and tear.

Concrete deck weighbridges require significantly less maintenance compared to steel. There is no need for frequent painting or treatments to prevent rust, making it more cost-effective in the long run

Engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian made steel, the Titan meets all relevant Australian standards.

Each modular deck uses only 4 or 6 loadcells, reducing both electronic liability and out of warranty maintenance costs.

The stability provided by a concrete deck minimises vibrations and movements, leading to more accurate weight measurements.

Available in both painted steel or hot dip galvanised steel.

Who Should Choose a Titan Concrete Deck Weighbridge?

Titan Concrete deck Weighbridges are particularly well-suited for industries and applications that demand durability, high load capacity, and minimal maintenance.

The Titan Concrete Deck Weighbridge is renowned for its exceptional durability. Concrete is highly resistant to weather conditions, corrosion, and heavy usage, ensuring a long service life with minimal wear and tear.

In industries like mining, the high load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete make it ideal for the rugged and demanding conditions of mining operations.

For waste management for instance, the durable concrete platform can withstand the varied and potentially abrasive nature of waste materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.



Weighbridge Automation

NWI specialises in the design, supply, and installation of advanced automated weighing systems. Our tailored solutions address your specific needs, challenges, and desired outcomes.


Our expert team is ready to guide you on the best hardware and software choices to achieve your operational goals.


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