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Titan Steel & Concrete Infill Weighbridge

Titan Concrete Weigbridges

The robust Titan Weighbridge has a fully welded universal beam structure with horizontal supports along the length of the weighbridge deck to avoid twisting. The Titan weighbridge is designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and high volume use, making it ideal for harsh working environments.

Available as both Above-Ground and In-Ground Pit installations. 


The Titans’ steel and high density concrete infill structure are designed to withstand very high concentrated loads.

The Titan meets with the latest Australian design, manufacturing and NMI Approvals and directives.

Each modular deck uses only 4 or 6 loadcells, reducing both electronic liability and out of warranty maintenance costs.

Retrofit applications

The Titan design also lends itself to retrofit applications, allowing installations to be carried out quickly with the minimum of disruption to day-to-day operational activities. For certain competitor specific retrofit applications, the load cell assemblies can be mounted on the inside of the longitudinal beams.


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