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Heavy Industrial Calibration

If you need an industrial scale calibrated or serviced, NWI Group have got that covered. Want to upgrade your old weighbridge? We can help with that too. NWI Group are one of Australia’s leading specialists in weighbridge and heavy industrial equipment calibration. With locations all over Australia, we’re able to help with difficult applications wherever you are.

A team that ensures best-in-class services

Weighbridges are large pieces of equipment that face constant wear and tear. As a result, they need to be serviced and maintained periodically in order to stay in proper working form. For instance, your weighbridge will need to be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that it is delivering accurate measurements. This work must be done by an experienced technician on behalf of an organisation that is accredited through the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Heavy Industrial Calibration

Equipment we service

NWI Weighbridges Service


NWI Group is fully licensed by NMI to provide weighbridge maintenance and service. Our accreditation means we can provide testing, calibration, and verification services to weighbridge owners and operators across Australia.

Tank and Hopper Scales

Tank & Hopper Scales

To ensure reliable operations and consistent results, NWI Group provides tank scale calibration services for every capacity.

NWI Weighbridges Service

Industrial Platform Scales

We service pallet scales, POS systems, trade certifications, commissioning, calibration, and repairs for most platform scale types.

Container Weighing

With its heavy-duty galvanized steel frame, the Container Scale is an accurate, fast, reliable and trade-approved solution.


Understanding the “True Cost” of a Weighbridge/Truck Scale

Weighbridges (or truck scales) are a must-have item in a number of industries and workplaces, including waste and recycling sites, quarries, ports, and agricultural farming sites. While the cost of installing a weighbridge at your site might seem straightforward, there are several factors that you should consider before doing so. 


4 Reasons: The Importance of Calibrating Your Weighbridge

Weighbridges, even though they are quite large in size, are actually considered precision weighing instruments. They need to be because whether it’s a waste management facility, a quarry or a logistics business, accuracy is paramount as far as customers are concerned.


Having Problems With A Weighbridge? Consider These Four Causes

When the weight of a vehicle is distributed through the load cells, an electronic signal is sent to the junction box where it is converted into a weight reading. Most commonly, weighbridges are used to check the load weight of trucks going in and out of a facility, and as such, they are a vital part of supply chain logistics. Plus, it’s also beneficial for ensuring vehicles do not exceed their maximum loads. 

However, like any piece of equipment, things can always go wrong. Let’s take a look at some common weighbridge issues.