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DD700 Weighing Indicator Series

Our DD700 is a cost-effective and versatile weight indicator, which can be used in conjunction with our wide range of weighbridges and industrial scales.

It is available in desk mount and wall mount versions, with different levels of sealing, depending on your application.

Features Include:

✅ Easy to use alphanumeric keypad

✅ Stainless steel version (DD700IC) with sealed keypad/display and rear connectors

✅ Stainless steel IP 68 version (DD700I) with cable gland entry

✅ Client and Host USB ports

✅ Optional printers and barcode readers

Standard ABS Indicator

The standard ABS version is ideal for standard weighing installations where the indicator is housed indoors. The fully sealed IP68 stainless steel version is suitable for operations in harsh environments, especially when paired with our stainless steel PMA and PRM platform scales.


DD700i Intelligence Series

Designed for the ease of use yet with the power to deliver your weighing process, Bilanciai’s DD700i-ic Intelligence Series indicators/ controllers are packed power, innovation, and performance with multi communication channels, yet are simple and easy to operate.


Read more about the specifications of the DD700 Series, other types of driver terminals available, and automation options in our resources.


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