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The Centurion Steel Deck Weighbridge

Centurion Steel Weighbridges

We build the Centurion with more steel than any other standard truck steel deck weighbridge on the Australian market. As a result, there is no other option that can measure up to its long-term durability. 

 Combined with the Bilanciai CPD Digital loadcell technology, the Centurion steel deck weighbridge provides an accurate and reliable option for your short or long-term weighbridge requirements.


✅ Designed and engineered in Australia to suit our harsh environmental and operational conditions.

✅ NMI Pattern Approved for trade weighing applications

✅ Available in both painted and hot dip galvanised versions.

✅ Unique design to help prevent debris build up and ease of service and maintenance.

✅ Transportable solution.

Painted to last

NWI Group’s painting process starts well before the painting booth. Each piece of steel is shot blasted to ensure all rust and mill slag are removed prior to painting. Custom designed paint is utilized to ensure longevity and protection from weather, harmful chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, and rust.

Multiple quality checks through the preparation and paint process are in place to ensure the best possible application and thickness of paint to meet ISO12944 quality standards.

Installation Process

  • The steel subframe is strong and rigid to create a suitable foundation for a long lasting weighbridge.
  • The modular weighbridge pieces are then bolted together and placed into the subframe.
  • Supplied with heavy duty steel ramps and flat and level approaches to meet trade measurement requirements.
  • Multiple cross-sections of thick steel plate guarantee a strong and rigid ramp that will withstand even the heaviest of trucks.


Read more about the specifications of the Centurion Weighbridge, other types of weighbridges available, and automation options in our resources.


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