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CPD Loadcells Strong and Reliable

CPD-M Digital Compression Loadcells

Digital compression load cells for connection to electronic indicators manufactured by Soc. Coop Bilanciai. Strong and reliable, suitable for approved weighing systems up to 6000 divisions. 

Specially designed for use in weighbridges, they are supplied complete with mechanical accessories and anti-rotation device.

Construction Features:

  • Inclination up to 5° (15mm from vertical position)
  • 8 Strain Gauges
  • Lightning Protection
  • Rodent-Resistant Cable
  • Self-Stabilizing System with Anti-Rotation Device
  • Heavy-Duty Protection (1.5mm Thickness) at 45° Cone
  • Mechanical Protection Cover for Lower Mounting Cup
  • Maximum Protection from Radio Frequency Interference
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Each part produced by Cooperativa Bilanciai undergoes several tests to guarantee the high quality level and maintenance of reliability over time:

  • Severe controls on the materials before they are used in production, with metallographic tests and hardness measurements
  • Test on each part, with checks on measurementsfor comparison with LAT-certified and calibrated reference cell units, using strength testing machines using direct weights.
  • Traceability of each cell by serial number and bar code
  • Test using strength testing machines using direct weights, sized to each specimen.
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ATEX Version

The CPD-M loadcell is also available in ATEX version for gas and dust.

Protection class ATEX load cell II 1 GD [EEx ia] IIC T5 IP 66 T100°C
Protection type ATEX safety barrier II (1) GD [EEx ia] IIC

NWI Group have a wide range of ATEX certified solutions for weighing installations that can be installed in hazardous areas.

Latest-Generation Technology

The calibration data for each load cell in the digital version are memorised in the electronic memory, thus facilitating calibration, the search for faults, maintenance and repair.

The cell body is made in 17-4 PH stainless steel, a material with high technical characteristics, used in saline environments, where high corrosion-proof characteristics are required.

The protective casing is also made of a highly corrosive-proof stainless steel. Electrical connections are via a watertight IP68/69K stainless steel connector that aids installation and any necessary maintenance by optimising cable length.

A latest-generation electronic board with a high resolution and stability analogical/digital converter is housed inside the load cell, with an extremely sophisticated programming and control logic for:

  • Continuous diagnostics on the status of each system component, allowing the immediate identification of any parts with functioning irregularities
  • Carrying out functional checks on the status of the instrument and each load cell via modem directly from the maintenance service department, thus reducing costs and intervention times.
  • Coop Bilanciai has a wide range of ATEX- certified solutions for weighing installation that can be installed in hazardous areas.


Read more about the specifications of the Bilanciai CPD-M Loadcell, other types of load cells available, and automation options in our resources.


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