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FlexPoint Analytics Portal


FlexPoint Analytics is a flexible, secure SaaS based web platform. With the combination of a user friendly interface and powerful analytical tools, FlexPoint Analytics allows you to find insights that are critical for the optimal operations of your facility.

Organisations can better plan and track their strategies for daily site operations and facility expansion when they have access to real-time data and insights.
As a result of FlexPoint Analytics, your company will have a comprehensive view of your facility right down to the minute details of individual transactions, all within a single platform, through the use of dashboards and detailed reporting capabilities.

How it works

FlexPoint Analytics draws on information captured across your Waste, Mine, Quarry, Logistics or Winery Facility and displays it in an easy to read format with dashboards and detailed reporting featuring pie graphs, charts, data tables and more through the Microsoft PowerBI integration.

With every client a customised version of the NWI FlexPoint Analytics Portal is developed for data collation and administrator usage. The portal offers multiuser, multi-level access with optional ERP integration and database API’s along with a Microsoft PowerBI platform to provide dashboard reporting.

Data Insights

Enhanced insights into your weighbridge operations that go above and beyond the standard reports.

Identify Issues

PinPoint abnormal data and perform audits for more detailed analysis.

Compare Data and Time Periods

Compare operational metrics across a variety of time periods, products, customers, vehicles and contracts.

Main functions

The FlexPoint Analytics Web Portal offers a user-friendly interface and is capable of using the most popular web browsers. The portal data is synchronized with the WinWeigh on-premise application which is managing your weighing and/or weighing system on site.

The Web Portal provides users with the ability to add, update, view and delete data. The system offers 3 levels of users: Administrator, Supervisor and Operator.

Analysis and Reporting

Weighing History Data Statistic Report

Weighing reports are easy to generate and export based on the transactional data generated within the facility. Timelines are able be reported by specific year, month, or day. Weighing history data can be displayed as the following line chart.

Maintain data security, such as user permissions and data backup and recovery, while enabling flexible access to data across facilities.

Facility Reports

Facility managers and owners can engage with facility insight reports seamlessly between KPIs and metrics, gaining valuable insights into the details beneath the data.