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Unrivalled User Flexibility

DD2060 Driver Self-Service Weighing Terminal

The DD2060 touch-screen weighing terminal provides unrivalled user-flexibility and system integration for a wide range of industrial weighing applications.

The integrated computer removes the need for a local PC and the instrument can be used with both analogue and digital load cells. 

Applications Include:

✅ Weighbridge driver-operated terminal

✅ Itemised waste management

✅ Discharge hopper scales (DD2060HS)

✅ Batching and blending

Driver Self-Service Weighing Terminal

Self Service Operation

The Self Service operation makes the terminal suitable for many applications in which there is the need to manage materials delivery or picking with a diverse and variable number of users.

The many advantages include:

• Use without the presence of personnel during the access, identification and weighing operations etc. For example, with the DD2060 terminal it is possible to connect to optic systems for number plate recognition, together with traffic lights and control barriers for the automatic control of vehicle access.


• Operations are faster and the logistics of the involved area is improved accordingly

• Easy collection and management of data and information


Robust & Weather Resistant

The height adjustable support post makes it possible to use the terminal from ground level or directly from the vehicle.

Designed using materials suitable for outdoor applications or for use in harsh and aggressive environments; it comes complete with protective cover and can be fitted with an anti-vandal door. The DD2060, constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, is equipped with all the necessary features to guarantee maximum reliability, even in the harshest conditions.

When exposed to adverse climatic conditions, for example extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures, the tried and tested thermoregulation system ensures the instrument continues to operate correctly.

Unattended Payment Operations

Making unattended payments is easier than ever with our integration with Quest Payment Systems. Using the UT430 payment terminal, a full range of card acceptance methods are supported – Chip, Contactless and Magnetic stripe including card holder verification with PIN.


  • Increased sales through customer spend uplift due to the availability of card or NFC payment compared with cash only.


  • Simplified installation and field maintenance activities due to the unique all-in-one design, reducing the cost overhead of field staff carrying separate modules.


  • High reliability in harsh environmental conditions means less downtime and lost sales.


  • Multi-bank capability enables easy on-boarding to multiple acquirers without the cost of removing and reprogramming hardware.


Read more about the specifications of the DD2060 Weighing Terminal, other types of driver terminals available, and automation options in our resources.


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