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Loadcell Conversion Kits

Upgrade Existing Vehicle Scales

As part of our product offering, NWI Group have the ability to upgrade any existing analog weighbridge loadcells with new reliable Bilanciai CPD-M digital loadcells with modern tech. 

Due to the harshness of certain applications, weigh bars have proved to be unreliable and degrade over time. NWI Group are able to convert your weighbridge loadcells quickly and easily without the need of removing the weighbridge from site. 

Digital vs Analog Loadcells

The downtime that can be caused by non-functioning or degrading loadcells can be expensive and extremely damaging to your facility. The design is based on out-dated bending beam technology and critical component sealing is achieved via flexible potting compound. The legal for trade version is constructed from painted tool steel, making it prone to corrosion.

By comparison the CPD-M (digital) load cells feature a fully weld-sealed stainless steel construction with a glass-to-metal cable entry seal. These design features ensure IP69K sealing and optimum long-term reliability.  IP69K is the ultimate sealing standard for load cells, demonstrating that they can withstand high-pressure steam cleaning.

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