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Dini Argeo Axle Portable Axle Weighing Pads

The WWS Axle Pads are the most cost-effective solution patented by Dini Argeo for weighing a vehicle.

Thanks to the low weight and ease of transport, in just a few minutes it is possible to create a weighing station for weighing 2-axle vehicles.

Great versatility of use

✅ Weigh 2-axle vehicles and vans

✅ Check the weight of the material transported by the vehicle and carry out simple checks on incoming/outgoing goods.

✅ Weigh for limited periods of time (harvests, crops, etc..) without the need for excavations or masonry work.

✅ Check for any vehicle overloads, avoiding penalties.

Dini Argeo axle weighing pads

Technologically Advanced

  • The vehicle weighing kit is composed of WWS weighing pads, a product patented by Dini Argeo.


  • The loading surface is made of a special high-strength aluminum alloy, designed to be strong and light.


  • Integrated folding ramps with the WWS-R version, useful to facilitate the boarding and the alighting of vehicles with small diameter wheels or moved with the engine off.


  • The IP68 protection against water and dust ensures a long life of the pads even in case of bad weather.


  • Easy to move and position, thanks to the integrated wheels.


  • Weight indicator with integrated printer and transport case to protect the weight indicator even in the rain. 10h of autonomy, thanks to the rechargeable battery.
Dini Argeo Axle Weighing Pads


The pads are for legal for trade use:

  • In the single-pad systems, not used to weigh vehicles.


  • In the wheel weighing systems in which the number of pads is equal to the number of vehicle wheels.


  • In the axle weighing systems composed of one or more multiples of WWS pads, except possible limitations of use for some European States.


  • The CE-M legal for trade divisions indicated in the “version” table are available with ECEM option. ECEM option is needed for each legal for trade pad of the system.


  • Legal for trade systems with more than one WWS, are fitted with the approval of the weight sum and related division:Example for a 4 plaftorms system:
    Single CE-M Pad: Max=1500kg and e=0,5kg
    CE-M SUM: Max=6000kg and e=2kg



Read more about the specifications of the Dini Argeo Portable Axle Weighing Pads, other types of weighbridges available, and automation options in our resources.


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