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Nexia The Future for Weighbridge Predictive Maintenance


NEXIA™ is an intelligent cloud-based platform which provides full insight into scale performance by identifying and reporting hardware issues.

Decreased Downtime

NEXIA™’s health monitoring system can significantly reduce your downtime and repair costs by providing full visibility of your scale’s performance in real time. A remote access feature is also available, meaning that technicians can login from anywhere to troubleshoot, provide support and learn about the issue so that they can arrive to site prepared.

Nexia’s in-depth performance data can be exported easily into your existing systems.

NEXIA Health Monitoring System

Suitable for:

Both single and multi-site installations

✅ Any weighbridge with digital load cells, ethernet or GSM connection

✅ Any scales with ethernet or GSM connection

✅ Upgrading existing analogue weighbridges when fitted with our Emula digital junction box.


Product Video


Read more about NEXIA™ live monitoring, our weighbridge and our automation options in our resources.

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