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FlexPoint WinWeigh Logistic Software

The Key to Faster Turnaround Times in Freight 

Developed for Logistics Businesses

FlexPoint WinWeigh for Logistics is specifically designed for use in shipping, logistics and freight companies, providing a user-friendly interface and powerful features to streamline your weighing operations.

How it works

FlexPoint WinWeigh for Logistics is specifically designed for use in shipping, logistics and freight companies, providing a user-friendly interface and powerful features to streamline your weighing operations. With our software, you can automate the weighing process, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving time.

This means faster turnaround times and increased productivity, as well as better compliance for Chain of Responsibility requirements. 


Track Running Totals

FlexPoint WinWeigh allows logistics businesses to track the weight of goods that are being loaded and unloaded from ships and compartments, ensuring that they are staying within their weight limits and complying with regulatory requirements.

By tracking running totals, businesses can easily monitor and manage their shipments, ensuring that they are meeting their delivery targets and minimising the risk of overloading or underloading.

Integration for Financial Management 

FlexPoint WinWeigh can be customised to allow logistics businesses to seamlessly integrate weighbridge charges into their finance systems, making it easy to track and manage costs related to shipping and logistics operations.

By automating the process of integrating weighbridge charges into the finance systems, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to manage their finances, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other areas of the business.

Ontop of this, weighbridge software offers high levels of accuracy and reliability, ensuring that financial data is always up-to-date and free from errors or discrepancies.

Track consignments from Arrival to Dispatch

In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, businesses need to be able to track and manage parcels quickly and efficiently. One of the most effective ways to do this is by integrating weighbridge software with parcel and barcode scanning systems.

By integrating with parcel and barcode scanning systems, weighbridge software can provide real-time visibility into the status and location of parcels, enabling logistics businesses to manage their inventory more effectively and improve customer service.

Chain of Responsibility Compliance


Improved CoR Compliance

It’s never been more important for freight companies to stay compliant with Chain of Responsibility legislation. It ensures that all parties involved in the transport of goods are held accountable for their actions and comply with industry regulations. Legal liability has now been extended to include anyone within the transport supply chain from directors to operators. 

Weighbridge software enables freight companies to accurately and efficiently track the weight of their shipments. By accurately tracking the weight, companies can ensure they are complying with legal weight limits, reducing the risk of overloading and other safety issues.

In addition to ensuring compliance with weight limits, WinWeigh can also improve Chain of Responsibility compliance by providing a record of all weighing transactions. This record can be used to trace the movement of goods and ensure that all parties involved in the transport of goods are meeting their legal obligations. This includes drivers, transport operators, consignors, and consignees.

Direct integration with the NHVR database is available to confirm the registration status of heavy vehicles working on your site.

Logistics Specific Features


Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting has never been so easy. Fully customisable reports can be configured to suit each customer’s requirements.

 Easy Task Management

Spend less time typing and inputting data. WinWeigh allows you to take action with a simple click.

Stock & Contract Management

Manage your stock inventory in the same platform as your weighbridge operational software. Assign contract pricing to certain customers and jobs with running totals and notifications.

Administration & Security

Layered security for administrators to restrict access to various features and functionality of the software.

Payment Terminals

WinWeigh has a seamless integration with Quest Payment Systems to provide manned and unmanned payment solutions for weighbridge operations.

CoR Compliance

WinWeigh has the ability to be setup for CoR (Chain of Responsibility) based axle weighing of vehicles to assist in determining if a vehicle is over weight with their GVM and individual axle groups. An integration is available directly with the NHVR database to confirm if trucks and vehicles using your site are legally registered.

FlexPoint Analytics Portal


Our FlexPoint Analytics Portal is a powerful tool that uses data captured from your Waste Facility to provide you with easily readable information in the form of dashboards and detailed reports featuring pie graphs, charts, and data tables.

At NWI, we understand that every organisation has different reporting needs, especially those in government, council, and regulatory roles, this is why we have tailored FlexPoint WinWeigh to be contain the reporting capabilities to help you meet them.

Our team will work with you in order to ensure customised reports and data are accessible to address your specific needs. 


Data Insights

Enhanced insights into your weighbridge operations that go above and beyond the standard reports.

Identify Issues

PinPoint abnormal data and perform audits for more detailed analysis.

Compare Data and Time Periods

Compare operational metrics across a variety of time periods, products, customers, vehicles and contracts.

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