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FlexPoint WinWeigh Waste Facility Software

The only solution for waste weighbridge management you’ll need.

FlexPoint WinWeigh for Waste Facilities has been developed to deliver a pioneering weighing and software solution specifically for the waste and recycling sector.

How it works

FlexPoint WinWeigh stands as a modern cloud-based platform for waste weighbridge management, ensuring high availability, security, and integrity while granting seamless access to essential data. This hosted solution eliminates the need for costly server infrastructure, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

We offer a range of FlexPoint WinWeigh products created for different operating models and organisations, to overcome industry specific challenges.

With FlexPoint WinWeigh, you can track every aspect of your waste management process, from incoming and outgoing loads to inventory management, ticketing, and reporting.


FlexPoint WinWeigh Stands

Cloud-Powered Precision

For councils and waste management companies that run multiple facilities, FlexPoint WinWeigh stands as the modern cloud-based platform for waste weighbridge management, ensuring high availability, security, and integrity while granting seamless access to essential data. This solution allows multi-site facilities to have a comprehensive overview of all operations and drill down to see specific information on individual sites.

This hosted solution also eliminates the need for costly server infrastructure, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Info for Councils and Multi-Sites


For councils and waste management companies overseeing multiple facilities, FlexPoint WinWeigh offers a cloud-based platform. This innovative system seamlessly aggregates data from all sites, providing you with a comprehensive overview of operations across your network. 


FlexPoint WinWeigh is designed to cater to all types of waste facility operations, from single-site and multi-site to unmanned waste facilities. Our waste management weighbridge software is suitable for a range of facilities, including landfills, transfer stations, resource recovery facilities, recycling centres, material recovery facilities (MRF), and tip/buy-back/recycling shops.

Waste Management Specific Features


Mass Balance Reporting

Mass balance reporting (MBR) is a regulatory requirement that has come into effect in Australia in July 2021. It requires waste and resource recovery facilities to report on the flow of materials into and out of their site, including any transfers to other resource recovery facilities or landfill.

Landfill Cell Cubic Area Calculations

With FlexPoint WinWeigh software, calculating landfill cell area has never been easier. Automate this calculation process and have all data readily available within your computer dashboards instantaneously. 

Product Codes and Tracking

In order to comply with legal requirements for licensed waste transfer facilities, it is necessary to store waste codes. FlexPoint WinWeigh weighbridge software has a comprehensive list of waste codes and their corresponding descriptions. Enabling the waste features in the system administration settings will add these fields to the software, allowing users to easily select from any of the waste codes.

Multi-Waste Weighing

Multi-waste weighing is a feature that allows businesses to add multiple products to a single transaction. This means that multiple waste types can be weighed and recorded in a single load, saving time and improving efficiency. With this feature, businesses can accurately track the weight and volume of different waste streams, enabling them to better manage their waste and recycling operations.

Voucher Management

One key feature of weighbridge software is voucher management, which allows businesses to create and issue delivery times and vouchers to commercial customers and residents for the collection and/or delivery of waste to council transfer stations. With voucher management, businesses can automate the process of creating and issuing delivery times and vouchers, streamlining their operations and reducing administrative tasks.

Chain of Responsibility Requirements

WinWeigh has the ability to be setup for CoR (Chain of Responsibility) based weighing of vehicles to assist in determining if a vehicle is over applicable gross or axle group limits.

Direct integration with the NHVR database is available to confirm the registration status of heavy vehicles using your weighbridge with the GVM limit.

FlexPoint Analytics Portal


Our FlexPoint Analytics Portal is a powerful tool that uses data captured from your Waste Facility to provide you with easily readable information in the form of dashboards and detailed reports featuring pie graphs, charts, and data tables.

At NWI, we understand that every organisation has different reporting needs, especially those in government, council, and regulatory roles, this is why we have tailored FlexPoint WinWeigh to be contain the reporting capabilities to help you meet them.

Our team will work with you in order to ensure customised reports and data are accessible to address your specific needs. 


Data Insights

Enhanced insights into your weighbridge operations that go above and beyond the standard reports.

Identify Issues

PinPoint abnormal data and perform audits for more detailed analysis.

Compare Data and Time Periods

Compare operational metrics across a variety of time periods, products, customers, vehicles and contracts.

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