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Smart Fast and Intuitive Flynet Series

Flynet Series Weighing Terminal

The next generation indicators feature High Operating Speed, Ease of Use, Data Management and Sharing, Combined with High Performance Connectivity

The versatility of the instrument means that it can be configured by the user for a diverse range of weighbridge applications.

Applications Include:

 Vehicle recognition weighing, weighing of vehicles with access control

✅ Weighing on bench or floor scales in industrial environments

✅ Pre-packed products control

✅ Manual and semi-automatic dosing

✅ Waste weighing and traceability

✅ Piece counting


Ideal for all weighing processes that require fast and reliable data exchange with ERP systems.

Flynet Series Weighing

Comprehensive Connectivity

A key feature of the Flynet50 is its intuitive client programming capabilities using the latest embedded Windows CE operating system.

What’s more, the terminal’s comprehensive connectivity options allow for high-speed data management, resulting in the most powerful and adaptable weighing instrument in its class.

Data Management Capabilities

The FLYNET series of indicators can interface with all modern IT devices including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, barcode readers and printers. Data management capabilities include:

  • Data sharing with a SQL relational database for flexible data management
  • Export data in .CSV format via FTP protocol or by saving on a USB stick
  • PC Windows application for remote database management
  • Possibility to archive weighing ticket as a PDF
  • Automatic email data transmission (e.g. PDF weighbridge ticket)


Read more about the specifications of the Flynet Series Weighing Terminals, other types of driver terminals available, and automation options in our resources.


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