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At NWI Group, our 30 years of experience working with Australian quarry and mine sites means we have a deep understanding of the need for accurate weighing, data management, operational control and reporting.

FlexPoint WinWeigh for Mining and Quarries enables you to get the most out of your Mine & Quarry operations.


Designed with quarry operators in mind

Utilising weighbridge software within your facility can help quarry managers track inventory levels of materials, which can then be used to optimise ordering, scheduling, and production, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

FlexPoint WinWeigh turns a weighbridge from a scale into a fully-customised management system that suits your site and requirements. It can also be integrated to work for one standalone weighbridge site or mulitple weighbridges on multiple sites.

Gain better insight into your mine or quarry performance. FlexPoint WinWeigh provides data on vehicle movements, load sizes, and frequency of trips. This data can be used to analyze performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and optimize operational efficiency.

Mine and Quarry Weighbridge Software

How it works

WinWeigh is a comprehensive weighbridge management solution that offers both desktop and cloud-based options to capture all the operational data and weighing measurements.

Even in the event of an internet outage, the system can operate offline without any issues. The software captures data in various formats and allows exporting of the data in API key, CSV, or PDF files with automatic reporting sequences on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

All the weighbridge and user data collected is centralized in a portal for total oversight and easy access to data.

Mine and Quarry Weighbridge Software

Standard Features

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting has never been so easy. Fully customisable reports can be configured to suit each customer’s requirements.

 Easy Task Management

Spend less time typing and inputting data. WinWeigh allows you to take action with a simple click.

 Stock & Contract Management

Manage your stock inventory in the same platform as your weighbridge operational software. Assign contract pricing to certain customers and jobs with running totals and notifications.

Administration & Security

Layered security for administrators to restrict access to various features and functionality of the software.

Payment Terminals

WinWeigh has a seamless integration with Quest Payment Systems to provide manned and unmanned payment solutions for weighbridge operations.

CoR Compliance

WinWeigh has the ability to be setup for CoR (Chain of Responsibility) based axle weighing of vehicles to assist in determining if a vehicle is over weight with their GVM and individual axle groups. An integration is available directly with the NHVR database to confirm if trucks and vehicles using your site are legally registered.

Accounting Systems Integration

A wide range of accounting platform integrations are available for the dual transmission of weighing and operational data. These include: MYOB, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Pronto and many more.

Snapshot Camera & LPR Functionality

WinWeigh can integrate with camera systems to record images of vehicles entering and leaving site. LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems & intercom integration is also available.

Hardware Integration

Seamless Integration with various input devices such as dallas tags, RFID Card Readers, printers and remote push buttons.

Ticketing Made Easy

Fully customisable ticket formats, both in A4 or weighbridge docket format.

SMS Notifications

WinWeigh has the optional functionality of sending out SMS notifications for a variety of alerts such as overweight vehicles, unregistered users and unusual activity.

Key Features for Mine and Quarry

Track Stockpile Quantities

This feature allows businesses to allocate incoming or mined products for storage in certain areas on a customer’s mine or quarry. By tracking stockpile quantities, businesses can easily monitor and manage their inventory levels, ensuring that they have the right products in the right place at the right time.


CoR (Chain of Responsibility)

Chain of Responsibility based weighing alerts and functions with the NHVR system integration when setting up new vehicles. This feature is particularly important for mines, quarries and logistics software where trucks can easily be overloaded because they have such customised trailer setups in comparison to waste trucks which are quite rigid and smaller in size.

Split Weighing Process

With the split weighing process, busxinesses can weigh large trucks and their contents accurately and efficiently, even when the weighbridge is smaller than the vehicle being weighed. This is achieved by breaking down the weighing process into multiple steps, which can be combined to provide an accurate weight measurement.

The split weighing process is particularly useful for businesses that need to weigh vehicles with multiple axle groups. With this feature, businesses can weigh up to 10 axle groups, ensuring that they get accurate weight measurements for their vehicles and their contents.


Quoting Functionality

With quote functionality, businesses can easily generate and send quotes for their products and services directly using FlexPoint WinWeigh. By automating the process of creating and sending quotes, businesses can save time and reduce administrative tasks, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other areas of the business.

FlexPoint Analytics Portal

FlexPoint Analytics draws on information captured across your mine or quarry and displays it in an easy to read format with dashboards and detailed reporting feature pie graphs, charts, data tables etc.

FlexPoint WinWeigh Mine and Quarry Software can improve the efficiency of sites with one weighbridge and sites with multiple weighbridges alike, with one or more central administration points.


Data Insights

Enhanced insights into your weighbridge operations that go above and beyond the standard reports.

Identify Issues

PinPoint abnormal data and perform audits for more detailed analysis.

Compare Data and Time Periods

Compare operational metrics across a variety of time periods, products, customers, vehicles and contracts.

CoR Compliance

FlexPoint WinWeigh can help quarry managers monitor compliance with Chain of Responsibility regulatory requirements, such as legal weight limits and safety standards. This can help avoid fines and penalties, reduce liability, and improve safety on the roads.

Direct integration with the NHVR database is available to confirm the registration status of heavy vehicles working on your site.

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